The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a show on Nickelodeon featuring two boys named Pete Wrigley. Despite this, however, they were never mistaken for one another. The two Petes attend a K-12, as they both go to the same school.


  • Big Pete- a high school sophomore who pretty much narrates the story.
  • Little Pete- a mischievous sixth grader, played by a young Danny Tamberelli. Has a tattoo named "Petunia" who is treated as a main character. In a forgotten short, it is revealed he got the tattoo for his Mom on Mother's Day.
  • Artie- Little Pete's own personal superhero. Introduces himself as "The strongest the world".
  • Joyce Wrigley- The Petes' mother. Has a metal plate on her skull from a childhood accident. It can pick up radio stations.
  • Don Wrigley- The Petes' father.
  • Endless Mike- Big Pete's archrival. The origin of his nickname is unknown, but it is speculated to reflect his perpetual repeating the same year of high school.
  • Mr. Tastee- a mysterious ice cream vendor who is never seen without his costume.


The show is available on DVD.


  • College rock band Polaris did the theme song "Hey Sandy".
  • Mr. Wrigley's car is a Buick Roadmaster wagon.
  • Despite being in separate grades, both Petes can be seen at least once in the same class.
  • During his review of the "Nickcoms", popular internet celebrity Nostalgia Critic talked about Pete & Pete. He commented that he is confused as to why the two are both named Pete. He claims the show was both funny and creative, calling it "Seinfeld for kids". He finds Artie strange, as if having mental problems.
  • Due to copyright issues, the show has not been shown on The Splat
  • In one episode Mr. Wrigley wants his license plate to say "King of Road". There is no state whose license plate allows for ten characters. In the episode, they are forced to settle for "KINGOFROD", still too many at nine.