Space Cases was a shortlived science fiction show on Nickelodeon. It was a parody of Lost In Space with some references to Star Trek.


The story revolved around a class of students from a Space Academy who snuck aboard a strange ship that had docked at the academy, and somehow managed to activate its engines, hurtling it light years away from the academy. Before the ship leaves, however, various staff members came aboard looking for the students. The characters afterward traveled through the galaxies looking to get back home, examining new civilizations along the way.


  • Theresa Davenport- vice principal of the academy, and teacher aboard the ship
  • Seth Goddard- commander. Named for scientist Robert H. Goddard, who made major developments in rocketry and physics.
  • Harlan Band- from Earth
  • Catalina- from Titan. Has supersonic screams.
  • Radu- from Andromeda. Has supersensitive hearing and superhuman strength.
  • Bova- from Uranus. Has electric powers. Is the "butt" of every joke (Uranus, your anus). Named for science fiction author Ben Bova.
  • Rosie Ianni- from Mercury. Has heat powers
  • Thelma- a malfunctioning droid who is a parody of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation