Roundhouse is an American sketch comedy television series that aired on Nickelodeon from August 15, 1992 through January 27, 1996.

Roundhouse debuted as a part of the original SNICK lineup on Nickelodeon in 1992 and continued airing on the network through 1996.

Buddy Sheffield, a former writer for In Living Color, and Rita Sheffield Hester created and produced the series. Recording artist Benny Hester was the music producer as well as co-producer of the series. They titled the show in reference to the roundhouses used by train companies to redirect railroad cars in any direction. This was in line with the show's theme song, in which the characters stated "we can go anywhere from here". In addition, the set for the show mirrored the interior of a roundhouse.

Each episode revolved around the Anyfamily and their problems in daily life. The half-hour show, taped in front of a visible live audience, was broken up into sketches, dance sequences, and musical performances by both cast members and the house band. All music used on the show was written specifically for Roundhouse. Crystal Lewis and Shawn Daywalt were the principal vocalists for many of the songs in the first season. After Lewis left the series to pursue a career in Christian contemporary music, she was replaced by Lisa Vale, who left the series after Season 2 due to her pregnancy and was replaced by Amy Erlich and Jennifer Cihi for Season 3. Natasha Pearce became the series principal vocalist in Season 4, but Vale returned for several episodes as well.

Controversy Edit

One sketch involves a girl wearing fake breasts on her face to get boys to stop looking at her real breasts.


Popular internet reviewer Nostalgia Critic reviewed Roundhouse as a part of his Nickcoms episode. One comment he made is that the sketches make little sense, pointing out a sketch where a character places breasts on her face to get boys to look her in the eyes, as well as out-of-nowhere transition sketches where they go from acting to dancing. He also comments on the minimalist stage sets and costumes.He is ignorant of the fact that Roundhouse was an improv show, thus the unprofessional-looking presentation. Nostalgia Critic also comments that the music is also lame.

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