Nick in the Afternoon was an afterschool block on Nickelodeon, hosted by a popcicle stick named Stick Stickly. Skits included choosing what to dip Stick Stickly in (pudding, pizza sauce, etc) and U-Pick, a wheel (using Stick as the spinner) showing what Nicktoon would play next.

U-Pick returned on October 7, 2011, as "U Pick With Stick" as a part of The '90s are All That. It is now on The Splat in an on-and-off basis.

Jingle Edit

Write to me, Stick Stickly

PO Box 963

New York City, New York State


Or write to me at (added when Nick went online)


In one episode Stickly was trying to explain the origin of the name Tuesday. He said it was "two days" because it's the second day of the week, only to be corrected by the announcer that it's actually the third. In Europe Tuesday is in fact the second day because the week starts on Monday, so this would confuse European viewers.