Livewire is a kids' talkshow on the U.S. television cable network, Nickelodeon which aired during the early 1980s and ended in 1985. Livewire was a talk show for kids of all ages, and the show's main focus discussed true current events and stories during those times. The show was taped at the Reeves Teletape in New York (where Sesame Street was also filmed) with a live audience of about 20-30 teenagers and was hosted by Fred Newman. The show was a CableACE Award winner, the first Nickelodeon talk show to achieve that feat. Livewire was the #1 rated show on Nickelodeon in 1982, and never went below #7 in the ratings during the 5 year span of the show.

The show was most famously known for giving relatively unknown bands and singers their first television appearance. Bands and celebrities who got their start on Livewire and those who had made an appearance on Livewire included: