CatDog was a Nicktoon created in 1998, and marked a change in Nickelodeon. The show starred the hyperactive, slobby Dog and his suave, neat freak, attached friend Cat, in an Odd Couple-themed show. Cat and Dog live in a house shaped like half a bone and half a fish. The show has been criticized for marking the beginning of a change in Nickelodeon's style along with SpongeBob SquarePants.


  • Cat & Dog- A cat and a dog permanently attached to one another, attempting to live and cope with one another despite having polar opposite personalities of eachother.
  • The Greasers- a street gang whose sole purpose is to pound CatDog to pulp. One of the Greasers is a brutal, bulldog type. One is a dimwitted, tall type. One is a female poodle, and has a crush on Dog. Her eyes are almost never shown.
  • Winslow- a wisecracking rat who lives in a mousehole in CatDog's house. Has a New York accent.


A movie titled CatDog: the Great Parent Mystery was released in 2000.


The show is available on iTunes.

Gaming Edit

CatDog video games have been released to various consoles. The one released to the first generation PlayStation has been revealed to be terrible.


  • For obvious reasons, how Cat and Dog go to the bathroom was never revealed.
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