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Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a show on Nickelodeon centered around bizarre campfire stories, as told by the Midnight Society. Before the teller began the story, he or she would say "Submitted for your approval, by the Midnight Society, I call this story" followed by the title. They would also throw stuff into the fire to flare it up. The tile of each episode was shown in front of the smoke from the fire. The show's intro featured creepy shots of a vacant neighborhood, including an attic, with various items including a menacing clown doll. The show appears to be Nick's equivalent of The Twilight Zone.

Late in the show, a new cast was introduced. Many fans believe that this is when the show jumped the shark.


Several seasons are available on DVD


The show is available on iTunes


In his review of SNICK, popular internet reviewer Nostalgia Critic talked about AYAOTD. He claims the show is not scary and the acting and dialogue are boring and awful. He also says that the stories all have the same format. He even points out a very bad line from The Tale of the Phantom Cab. He says he used to think the dust thrown on the fire was cocaine. He is also confused by how they try to keep the location of the meetings a secret. He also claims that the judgement of the episodes was too official for a kids show (although this was dropped in later episodes). He ignorantly says that the show was Nick's version of Tales from the Crypt.